All Ability African Dance

Artist: Sidiki Conde

Assembly Description

Vibrant performers celebrate the traditional culture, music and dances of Guinea, led by Sidiki Conde, who lost the use of his legs at the age of 14. They demonstrate the importance of overcoming any obstacle and embracing the world’s diversity and challenges. Sidiki Conde was a recipient of a National Endowment on the Arts Fellowship in 2007.

Assembly Information

Grades: K-12
Curriculum Links: Cultural Understanding, Social Studies
Price: Single performance $1,790
2 back-to-back $2,380
Program length: 45 minutes
*Artist travel fees may apply
The performances are tailored to the particular age level and special needs of the audience.


About the Artist

Sidiki Conde is a musician and dancer from Guinea, West Africa, who, despite losing the use of his legs at the age of fourteen, followed his dream to become a dancer. He and four other West African musicians and dancers inspire the audience with a dynamic program that not only celebrates the traditional culture of Guinea, but expresses the importance of overcoming any obstacle. Sidiki’s choreography derives from the traditional songs and dances of Guinea, which he adapts for the stage by altering tempo, context and musical arrangement. The songs are Sidiki’s original compositions within which he chronicles his unique journey as a person with a disability, using traditional songs that celebrate the culture of Guinea. Singers, dancers, and musicians enliven the performance, creating an inclusive communal experience. Students will learn that a disability is only in the mind!