Sounds of the Mande Empire in West Africa
  • Oct 30, 2022 - Dec 31, 2029

Sounds of the Mande Empire in West Africa

(Performance by Feraba)

The Mande Empire was founded by the great King Sundiata Keita in the 13th century and lasted for more than 500 years. It played a unique role in the regional oral and musical traditions of West Africa. In this show, students will learn about the history of this important empire while exploring a fascinating collection of traditional West African instruments including the balafon, krin, djembe, doun and karian. Students will connect to the captivating music and rich culture of West Africa. Students will gain a better understanding and appreciation for the depth and variety of percussion rhythms that keep us dancing. 

Curriculum Links: Music, Dance, Social Studies, Cultural Awareness | Grades: K-12 and Adults (Senior Centers, Hospitals etc.)

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