Professional Development
Our motivating professional development (PD) workshops help educators develop new ways to stimulate learning in the arts and make connections between multiple artforms and curriculum. PD workshops are facilitated by master teaching artists who employ hands-on and interactive artmaking forums to create a community of practice for professional peers to address important topics in the field. Arts-based pedagogy inspires collaboration among educators and provides teachers tools to teach across disciplines through a more integrated approach. We are continually creating new professional development programs. If a program you wish to schedule is not listed, please contact us to see how we may be able to customize an engaging opportunity in arts integration or arts for wellness for your audience. 
Arts-based Pedagogy
Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts
Collaborative Art Making for Mental Health
Curriculum Integration for Educators and Staff
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy through the Arts
Enliven Your Virtual Classroom through the Arts
Inclusive Arts for Special Education
Literacy and the Arts
Social Justice and the Arts
Tackling Trauma in the Classroom
In Sync Professional Development (Performance by Winceyco)
Do your teachers understand how invaluable they are to the world we live in? The truth is, there is an educator behind every success story. This Winceyco stage play is based on anecdotal evidence from actual educators and takes an innovative approach to professional development. Leave your staff feeling empowered and inspired by the message in this production that addresses some of the current concerns facing today’s teachers.