Warm Up Your Winter with Arts Horizons

  • Jan 18, 2024

The arts are a great way to warm up your winter, and we have a wide selection of in-person and virtual workshops, assemblies, and professional development sessions to choose from! Our high-quality arts education programs are available for people of all ages and abilities ranging from early childhood to senior citizens and in a variety of artistic mediums including:  Visual Arts, Dance, Theater, Music, Technology, and Wellness. For further information, please visit our website, download our program guide, or contact one of our program managers.  

Marion Ahamat 
Manager of New York Programs 
NJ Office: 201-567-1766 ext. 105 
NY Office: 212-268-7219 ext. 105 
Cell:  201-875-1711 

Gloria Page 
Program Manager of Performances 
NJ Office: 201-567-1766 ext. 120 
NY Office: 212-268-7219 ext. 120 
Cell:  201-903-2804 

Stephanie Bostic
Manager of New Jersey Programs 
NJ Office: 201-567-1766 ext. 114 
NY Office: 212-268-7219 ext. 114 
Cell:  201-903-2260