2023-2024 NYC DOE Arts Partnerships Awardees

  • Nov 17, 2023

Arts Horizons wishes you and your loved ones a very joyous Holiday Season! We’re now well into our 45th year as one of the leading arts education organizations in New York and New Jersey, and we have some great news to share from the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE). We are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with 6 schools in Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens through the NYC DOE’s Arts Partnership Grants. This will be our 10th year participating in programs funded by the Arts for Multilingual Learners and Students with Disabilities (MLL+SWD) and the Arts and Family Engagement (Family Engagement) grants. We congratulate each of our school partners listed below and look forward to providing quality arts programs with our collaborating educators, staff, and students throughout the 2023-2024 school year.


K188: Michael E. Berdy School 
M052: Harold O. Levy School 
Q670: Robert F. Kennedy High School 
X131: Albert Einstein Junior High School 

X025: The Bilingual School 
M052: Harold O. Levy School 
K961: Lenox Academy Middle School 

Arts Horizons offers arts education workshops (in-school, after school, family, special populations, early childhood), live performance assemblies, and professional development. Our programs are customizable to suit your budget needs and available in in-person, hybrid, and virtual formats. For further information, please visit our website to download our program guide or contact one of our program managers below: 

Marion Ahamat 
Manager of New York Programs 
NJ Office: 201-567-1766 ext. 105 
NY Office: 212-268-7219 ext. 105 
Cell:  201-875-1711 

Gloria Page 
Program Manager of Performances 
NJ Office: 201-567-1766 ext. 120 
NY Office: 212-268-7219 ext. 120 
Cell:  201-903-2804 

Stephanie Bostic 
Manager of New Jersey Programs 
NJ Office: 201-567-1766 ext. 114 
NY Office: 212-268-7219 ext. 114 
Cell:  201-903-2260