In the Shadow of the Mountain

Artist: Lou Del Bianco

Assembly Description

Storyteller Lou Del Bianco portrays his grandfather, Luigi Del Bianco and tells his story and his unique contribution to the carving of Mount Rushmore, our nation’s greatest memorial. Historic photos and documents make the story come to life! Lou uses maps, timelines and primary sources to show an Italian immigrant’s journey to America.

Assembly Information

Grades: K-8
Curriculum links: Social Studies, Geography
Price: Single performance $750
2 back-to-back $1,200
Program length: 40 minutes
*Artist travel fees may apply
The performances are tailored to the particular age level and special needs of the audience.


About The Artist

Lou Del Bianco hails from Port Chester, NY; a small village just north of the bright lights of Manhattan. As an actor, singer and storyteller Lou has been working with children of all ages since 1982. According to the New York Times, Lou's dramatic approach to storytelling "puts pow into passivity!" On an educational level, Lou has been an artist-in-residence since 1987 and has worked in many schools alongside teachers to help improve literacy in the classroom.