Globalization of Hip Hop

Artist: Reaction Dance Company

Assembly Description


This interactive assembly exposes students to the impact of globalization and the power of embracing cultural diversity through dance and entertainment. Tracing our way through Jamaica, South Korea, and India, Reaction Dance Company shows students the creation and transformation of hip-hop throughout the world. Students will watch and participate in thrilling dance performances created to inspire students to push boundaries and embrace diversity.

Assembly Information


Grades: K-12

Curriculum links: Cultural Awareness, Music, Dance

Price: Single performance $1,170
2 back to back $1,560
Program length: 45 minutes
*Artist travel fees may apply
The performances are tailored to the particular age level and special needs of the audience.
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About the Artist

Reaction Dance Company NYC (RXN) was founded in 2014 by Artistic Director Juliette Nieves, a graduate of Pace University’s dance program and awardee of both research and entrepreneurship grants for the creation of RXN.

RXN’s mission is to challenge the boundaries between dance styles and change audiences’ perception of cultural dances. They fuse Bollywood, Latin, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Jazz dance styles to represent New York City’s cultural diversity. Transforming NYC’s multiplicity into innovative performance art, they embody the unique individual neighborhoods of New York as well as the melting pot of characters that reside there.

The company offers custom performances, dance for video, lessons, and school assemblies for a variety of venues and events. Some of their most notable performances have been for Dance The World Nutcracker Festival 2015, New York's Got Talent 2015, NYC Holi Hai 2015, Go Butler’s Ad Campaign “Flashmob Fail”, and Culture Fest at Pace University.