Museum of Interesting Things

Artist: Denny Daniel

Assembly Description

Expose your entire school to a fascinating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) presentation by adding an ‘A’ for the Arts. This traveling exhibition is an interactive demonstration of antique inventions in 8 areas (Science, Math, Literature, Medical, Music, Photography, Toys and Household).

This lively, hands on presentation includes a brief history of each item, how the inventions work and how they were used in the past. Students are encouraged to touch, hold and operate many of these inspiring items to experience the entrepreneurial spirit of the past, to demystify the origins of everyday items and even to discover how far engineering and technology have progressed to modern day items such as iPods.



Assembly Information

Grades: 1-12

Curriculum Links: Social Studies, Science, Music, Literature

Price: Single performance $850

2 back-to-back $980

Program length: 45 minutes

*Artist travel fees may apply


Program available for classroom visits, adult groups, festivals and family events. Call for pricing.


About the Artist

The Museum of Interesting Things formed or should we say was “discovered” when curator and founder Denny Daniel started working as a freelance filmmaker/documentor and photo retoucher/restorer for such companies as The Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, Songs of Love and the New York Times. Amassing his collection of antiques since the 80’s and having had over 20 museum and gallery exhibitions of his own work at locations like the Chelsea Art Museum he decided to use his knowledge, experience, contacts and extensive collection of over 300 antiques to start an enterprise that would inspire students and some of us in the “real” world to learn from the past and innovate a better future.