A Special Kind of Bullying

Artist: WinceyCo

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A Special Kind of Bullying

Anti-Bullying Through Music is a series of live musical stage plays written and produced by Wincey Terry, a dramatic storyteller and professional singer. These assembly programs increase the awareness of bullying as a common serious problem of school-age children and advocates for the implementation of effective bullying prevention approaches by educating students, boosting self-confidence and teaching critical lessons about character and other important social skills. The live scenes and call and response songs keep your audience riveted and makes this fast-paced learning experience like no other!



It’s No Fun Being A Bully

The truth about bullies and their victims is exposed in this musical stage play about students who learn what gives bullies their power and how to take that power away! Packed with research, this show uses a perfect balance of music and drama provided by a live band and cast of trained actors to address the issues and empower your students to “stop the violence”. This performance addresses the human rights for people under the age of 18, how to identify examples of bullying and the long term effects for bullies and their victims.


Performances available for Special Populations.

Assembly Information


Grades: PreK-12

Curriculum Links: Anti-Bullying, Cultural Awareness

Price: Single performance: $ 2,060

2 back to back: $2,400

Program Length: 45 minutes

*Artist travel fees may apply


About the Artist

Wincey Terry (narrator/singer) has worked throughout the music and film business with such industry giants as Spike Lee and Tina Turner. Terry's television credits include Soul Train, Arsenio Hall and David Letterman. Her music education company, WinceyCo has been educating people of all ages in schools and churches throughout the state of New Jersey since 1988.