From Rail Splitter to President: Abraham Lincoln

Artist: Lou DeBianco

Assembly Description

In this 45 minute interactive dramatic program, actor-storyteller Lou Del Bianco portrays Abraham Lincoln as Civil War President, frontiersman and storyteller. Lincoln's values: honesty, love of family, thirst for education, sense of justice and perseverance shine through this dynamic new presentation. Authentic historical quotations are used throughout; handout is available for teachers. 


Grades: PreK-2 and 3-6.

Program Objectives:

1.    Students will hear and participate in the telling of anecdotes from Abe’s childhood. Each anecdote highlights a quality that contributed     to Abe’s successful rise to the Presidency. Students will get the chance to decide how these qualities apply to their own lives.

2.    Students will hear many of Abe’s own words through Lou’s dramatic portrayal. These words provide a living example of Abe’s                character and help us understand how he dealt with challenges throughout his life.

3.    Students will hear and participate in actual historic speeches made by Abe during his Legislative and Presidential careers.

4.    Students will engage in a question and answer session with actor Lou Del Bianco at the end of the show.


About the Artist  

Actor, singer and storyteller Lou Del Bianco has been working with children of all ages since 1982. According to the New York Times, Lou's dramatic approach to storytelling "puts pow into passivity!" The Parents Choice foundation states that "few performers excel as both storyteller and musician, but Lou Del Bianco is one who does." Lou's 6 recordings have garnered high praise from Billboard Magazine, Parent's Choice, NAPPA, BOOKLIST, CHILD Magazine, Family Fun and a slew of others!