Stories from Black History

Artist: Scottie Davis

Assembly Description


Storyteller and Mime Scottie Davis interweaves history, music, drama and fun as she brings these famous women to life in your school. 


Choose from the following Historical Figures from Black History

  • Shirley Chisholm-the first African American women elected to Congress and a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus
  • Rosa Parks-an American Civil Rights activist  and the mother of the Freedom Movement
  • Sojourner Truth-an African-American abolitionist and women's rights activist 
  • Harriet Tubman-became famous as a "conductor" on the Underground Railroad leading hundreds of slaves to freedom during the turbulent 1850s


Additional Assembly


“My Grandmother’s House” meet Grandma Mille Bell, portrayed by Ms. Davis, as she explores stores of extraordinary women who changed the course of history. 

Assembly Information

Grades: K-6
Curriculum Links: Language Arts, Social Studies, Cultural Understanding
Price: Single performance $550
2 back-to-back $750

*Artist travel fees may apply
Available to locations accessible by public transport from New York City.

About the Artist

Scottie Davis is a second generation American trained mime. She received her introduction from Dr. Jacques Burdick of Theatre Adelphi, as well as styles of movement from Patricia Sciarrata, Richmond Shepard and Marcel Marceau. She fuses mime with dance, music and spoken word indigenous to the African American experience. Scottie founded the Salt & Pepper Mime Theatre in 1978 and has continued the tradition and Mused as A Mime/Actor in New York, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Nebraska, Indiana, and New Jersey. Scottie is a member of Actors Equity, African Folk Heritage Circle, Alliance of Resident Theatres of New York, Alternate Roots, Network of Cultural Centers of Color and maintains roster ship with Arts Horizons, Mississippi, Arts Commission, South Carolina Arts Commission, Educational Theatre Association and the Erie Area Fund For The Arts , as an arts in education specialist.