African Brazilian Carnival

Artist: Performance by Afro Brazil Arts

Assembly Description

An exciting program of Brazilian and African dances, music and song, featuring capoeira, a dance developed by Africans brought to Brazil as slaves over 400 years ago. It incorporates the speed and agility of martial arts dancing and acrobatics while teaching a philosophy of resolving conflict without the use of force. Demonstration of the berimba, the djembe and other authentic instruments are part of this full of life performance.

Assembly Information

Grades: K-12
Curriculum links: Physical Education, Social Studies and Cultural Awareness
Price: Single performance with 3 artist $ 1,170
2 back to back $1, 450
Price: Single performance with 4 artist $1,620
2 back to back $1,825
Program length: 45 minutes
*Artist travel fees may apply
The performances are tailored to the particular age level and special needs of the audience.
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About the Artist

Michael Goldstein (Mestre Ombrinho) has dedicated over 26 years to enriching the lives of people of all ages and backgrounds through classes and performances in capoeira, the Brazilian form of self-defense disguised as dance. He is a master teacher, the founder and executive director of the non-profit organization Afro Brazil Arts, and the first non-Brazilian to become a master of capoeira. He is widely known for his mastery of capoeira among Brazilian capoeira masters and practitioners, as well as his ability to make capoeira accessible to people who are experiencing it for the first time. For the past twenty years, Mr. Goldstein has been active internationally teaching courses, participating in panel discussions, organizing events and international encounters in Brazil, the US, Israel, and Europe. Each year since 1999, Mr. Goldstein has led the ABA Capoeira and Cultural Retreat in Brazil in which North Americans and Brazilians experience capoeira, its culture, and community.