Arts Horizons’ music residencies engage students of all ages and abilities through interactive experiences where they discover their own expressive voice. Whether students make their own musical instruments using found objects or learn to play the recorder or violin, our professional teaching artists will incorporate music fundamentals in melody, harmony and rhythm while making cross-curricular connections. Participants develop artistry, cooperative skills, cultural knowledge and an understanding of the universal language of music.
  • African Percussion
  • Band programs
  • Beat Boxing/Vocal Percussion
  • Bucket Drumming
  • Chorus
  • Digital Songwriting
  • Instrument Clinics
  • Jazz
  • Musical Theater
  • Opera
  • Percussion with Found Objects
  • Recorder
  • Songwriting
  • Violin/Strings
Percussion with Found Objects
A professional percussionist works with students to discover the beats, rhythms and music in soda bottles, scrap paper, buckets and an assortment of other found objects and recyclable materials. In addition to learning principles of music, students learn about creativity, conservation and recycling.
Music Technology for the 21st Century
With today’s technology, composing and recording music is at every student’s fingertips. Students will create recording projects based on a curriculum theme, current topic or their own imagination. They will learn to do live recording and use virtual instruments, loops, sound effects and audio editing - resulting in music tracks, recorded poetry or a video soundtrack! Computer hardware and software must be provided by the school.
Violin/String Programs
String and violin programs challenge students to develop musical vocabulary and technique while building focus, listening skills and learning to work as a team member in a musical ensemble. Programs may culminate in a performance for the school community. 
Learning Connections:
Bullying Prevention/Team Building, Cultural Awareness/ Music Literacy, English Language Learning, Emotional Literacy, Historical Connections, Literacy, Math, and Social Studies.