Pathways to Discovery - Black History

Artist: Wincey Terry-Bryant

Assembly Description

Wincey Terry presents a program that allows students to examine African American history through story and music ranging from spiritual and gospel to Rhythm & Blues and Rap.  The performance focuses on African Americans historically, as well as their influences with dance, song, musical instruments, science, inventions, and the arts. Each inspiring musical stage plays focus on Character Education and cultural diversity, combining all the elements of the performing arts, narrated by a dramatic storyteller/professional singer and accompanied by a live band (8 performers).

Assembly Information

Grades: K-12
Curriculum Links: Cultural Understanding, American History, Theater
Price: Single performance $2,060    
2 back-to-back $2,400
Program length: 45 minutes
The performances are tailored to the particular age level and special needs of the audience.

Programs Available

From Slaves to Presidents: This program focuses on historical events and people including Emmett Till, the Woolworth Sit In and Barack Obama.

Something for the Soul: This program explores the Black Wax Museum, Negro Baseball Leagues, and Underground Railroad creating memory recall of special events through familiar tunes.

Tracing our Roots: This program explores the wonder of African American history through the power of dance, music and dramatic storytelling.  A musical play that travels through time with a brother and sister as they move from ancient Egypt to the slave plantations, and finally, to modern times.  Learn the proud history of African Kings and Queens and pass through different eras of music and dance, including the Blues, the Lindy, Gospel, R & B, Rap and Hip-Hop.

About the Artist

Wincey Terry is a professional female vocalist from Jersey City, NJ. She has worked throughout the music and film business with such industry giants as Spike Lee, Bill Cosby, and Tina Turner. She has also appeared on television shows including “Soul Train,” “Arsenio Hall,” and “David Letterman.” Her music education company has been educating people of all ages in schools and churches throughout the state of New Jersey since 1988.

More than a decade ago, Wincey Terry organized Winceyco, an entertainment group dedicated to providing top quality entertainment. The group of professional entertainers and educators work very closely with consultants (classroom teachers, engineers, school psychologists, medical professionals, ministers, etc.) to fulfill a commitment to impact the community with a series of musical assemblies that use rhythm to educate while entertaining.