Pathways to Discovery

Artist: Wincey-Terry-Bryant

Assembly Description

Culturally Cool  NEW SHOW!!

HISPANIC DISCOVERY THROUGH MUSIC is a series of live musical stage plays written and produced by Wincey Terry, the dramatic storyteller and professional singer. These assembly programs increase the awareness and bring the wonder of Hispanic heritage to our audiences. A look back at the contributions and struggles of important Hispanics throughout history helps to educate, boost self-confidence and teach some very important lessons. The live scenes and call and response songs keep your audience riveted and makes this fast-paced learning experience like no other.

Tracing Our Roots

Explore the wonder of African American history through the power of dance, music and dramatic storytelling with this musical play about a brother and sister who travel through time. Take a journey with them as they move from ancient Egypt to the slave plantations, and finally, to modern times. Learn the proud history of African Kings and Queens and pass-through different eras of music and dance – including the Blues, the Lindy, Gospel, R & B, Rap and Hip-Hop. And along the way, you’ll discover that certain inventions, like the baby stroller, golf tee, traffic light and lunar camera were all developed by African Americans.

Maxy’s Brain Dance
Meet Max!

A fourth grader who enters a contest for the prizes that will make him the coolest kid in town! When he discovers that he's too young to compete, he has four days to find a replacement and teach them EVERYTHING HE KNOWS about MATH, SCIENCE and LANGUAGE ARTS.

Principles from Bloom’s Taxonomy and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences’ have been interwoven into a selection of songs and stories that will stimulate the active learning and higher thinking skills of very child as Max enlists them to help IDENTIFY his problem and INVENT a plan to solve it! Your students will use their imagination to interact with Max and each other as they join forces to help equip Max’s replacement contestant for victory!

Additional program available

“Count Me In”
Kids learn to speak out against “bullying”. Today is no ordinary day at Public School 123. When two students realize that it takes everyone to help make school a safe place. They stand up and say “Count Me In”.

Assembly Information

Grades: K-5
Curriculum links: Anti-bullying, Music and Cultural Understanding
Price: Single performance $1,100
2 back to backs $1,300
Program length: 45 minutes
Artist travel fees may apply (Shows must be local within 25 miles of Newark Penn)
The performances are tailored to the particular age level and special needs of the audience.
Related residencies and workshops available

Technical Requirements

  • 1 handheld cordless

About the Artist

Wincey Terry (narrator/singer) has worked throughout the music and film business with such industry giants as Spike Lee, Bill Cosby, and Tina Turner. Terry’s television credits include Soul Train, Arsenio Hall, and David Letterman. Her music education company, Winceyco, has been educating people of all ages in schools and churches throughout the state of New Jersey since 1988.